Verified Air Duct Cleaning Leads for Conversion!

Top-Quality HVAC cleaning leads awaiting conversion. We have leads categorized by job type and location waiting for your services all though the year.

Verified and Qualified Leads

Scale operations with verified HVAC Cleaning Leads!

Our HVAC leads generation and appointment setting service have been specifically structured for technicians seeking air duct cleaning contracts generating constant cashflow throughout. With over twelve years of experience in the central heating and cleaning, we are now solely focusing on establishing network of qualified property owners actively recruiting HVAC engineers in your area.

Top Quality Leads

We connect with authentic HVAC cleaning leads hiring technicians such as yourself by emphasizing solely on the quality of each appointment.

Qualified and Verified

Our team qualifies and verifies each generated lead through multiple phases to ensure our clients get instant conversions. We prioritize authentication above all.

Confirmed Appointments

Each lead generated is a confirmed appointment. As a part of our lead generation process, we make sure to set appointments with full details.


Affordable Packages For HVAC Technicians Of All Sizes

We keep things simple. We generate the leads so you can get the job done. The leads we provide are hot, meaning, these prospects are waiting for your call before you could go and inspect each household before handing over any estimate to its respective owner. Our offered prices for these services are comparatively reasonable; as a result, keeping every technician in our network remain occupied all throughout the year!

Exclusive Leads

100% Exclusive Leads For You
$ 100
  • Leads are close to your demographic
  • Phone Verified
  • Address Verified
  • Ready to clean air duct.
  • Waiting for a price Quote
  • Leads info includes: Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Number of Units, Last Cleaned, Email

Revenue Share Model

Leads Are 200% Exclusive for You
  • Leads are close to your demographic
  • Appointment fixed on specific date and time
  • Appointment confirmed.
  • Basic Price confirmed
  • Room to up-sell with an estimate
  • Leads info includes: Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Number of Units, Last Cleaned, Email
Duct Cleaning
What makes us stand out

We Represent Your Services, You Get the Job Done

Getting HVAC cleaning jobs on your own might require you to pool your resources exclusively on marketing your services. With HVAC Leads Pro, we get this challenge sorted through our in-house customer support and digital marketing teams leaving a lasting impression in every household recruiting air duct cleaning services. We double-check every prospect and qualify each appointment on your behalf by keeping your calendar updated. Get in touch with us and we will organize your schedule by populating your calendar streamlining your workflow. Simply get in touch with HVAC Leads Pro and tell us about your requirements. Once we discuss the details of your scope, then leave the marketing to us.

Our Origins

Building Instant Connections Through Vetted Leads

Starting operations in early 2012, HVAC Leads Pro strives to provide HVAC technicians with reliable duct cleaning leads into confirmed appointments effortlessly. We guarantee the legitimacy of our leads with our unrivaled pay-per-lead generation technique that we have perfected over time. Additionally, we run the extra mile when it comes to providing client satisfaction which we accomplish through our well-revised revenue-sharing model that benefits emerging stakeholders looking for exclusive HVAC leads.

Leads that are meant for you

Scale Your HVAC Sales With Appointment Setting

The expertise we have amassed while conducting our operations in HVAC lead generation process has further helped us become familiar with the HVAC and duct cleaning lead generation industry. This is a testament to the quality of our duct cleaning leads which has continuously generated over 300 confirmed appointments each week. Moreover, the contractors we have been in partnerships with have all tried our services and are now enjoying a steady flow of work. Do not delay, get in touch with us and start receiving HVAC jobs straight away!

Friendly Plans for emerging technicians

Enjoy Maximum ROI sharing revenues

Our Revenue Share Model guarantees revenue for technicians as well as us with symbiotic efforts. The more revenue you generate, the more confirmed appointments we will be able to secure on your behalf. This model allows us to invest our resources in lead generation as you focus exclusively on delivering impeccable cleaning  of air ducts. All you have to do is show up, inspect the central air conditioning units, hand over an estimate, and finally complete the job to get paid.

Services that deliver performance!

Lead Nurture Through Instant Conversions!

The quality of our appointments we book on your behalf are, after all, ensured with success prior to spending years refining our approach  guaranteeing you a constant streak of confirmed HVAC cleaning contracts all year round!

Prospects Ready
to Hire!

Our refined and proven strategies make it easier for us to target only those who have been searching for duct cleaning technicians near them, and we connect them with you.

Quality Leads From

Our teams are able to check through thousands of leads everyday to bring you only the willing prospects, ready to afford your duct cleaning service.


HVAC Leads Pro will take on the responsibility to personalize your calendars prior to booking appointments on your behalf, notifying you about unforeseen changes if anything arises.


HVAC Leads Pro employs well-trained representatives who assess your services, helping you reach the next level with professional advice and guidance.

Revenue Sharing

Our flexible and profitable revenue sharing model has been designed to prevent technicians from overspending resources, particularly for assisting emerging or independent contractors.

Nurturing Past
Contact Lists

With our expert sales support selling on the phone, we are able to actively set up air duct cleaning appointments for HVAC technicians such as yourself all throughout the year.

Scale your operation with Profitable HVAC Contracts

Make the best out of every confirmed appointment with HVAC Leads Pro. Get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling!

Elevate your Business

Streamline Your Customer support

We have active models to guarantee substantial revenues for both parties. The infrastructure we’ve solidified over the years has resulted in our iron-clad reputation in the market. Today we are working with a substantial number of technicians operating in the USA and Australia, ready to jump right into action whenever a willing customer reaches out. We make revenue only after you get every project completed successfully, which further improves our determination to produce genuine, authentic, and verified duct cleaning leads for you.

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HVAC Marketing Company Underneath Your Fingertips

HVAC Leads Pro has been operating in the lead generation industry for six years and through this experience, we are operating across the entire US and Australia providing thousands of HVAC technicians with continuous flow of verified duct cleaning leads keeping you occupied. We assure HVAC technicians on the quality of each qualified appt. that continue to amaze every professional duct cleaning companies. Our pricing structure remains fair and reasonable without compromising the integrity of our leads.

Get in touch with our contact center today and unlock the potential of your duct cleaning service.

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Our HVAC leads generation and appointment setting service have been specifically structured for technicians seeking air duct cleaning contracts generating constant cashflow throughout.